BioScope Volume 5 Number 1, January 2014

BioScope vol 05 no 1 - Cover
The January 2014 issue of BioScope: South Asian Screen Studies is now available both in print and online.


Ravi S.Vasudevan, Rosie Thomas, Neepa Majumdar, and Moinak Biswas


Thieves of Bombay: United Artists, Colonial Copyright, and Film Piracy in the 1920s
Nitin Govil and Eric Hoyt

Film History Through Fragments: The Aurora Archive and the Transnational Travels of Early Indian cinema
Ranita Chatterjee

At Home in the Empire: Reading Colonial Home Movies – The Hyde Collection (1928-1937)
Veena Hariharan


What Remains
Text by Christopher Pinney and Photographs by Suresh Punjabi

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Published on: September 17, 2014

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