Hinglish Workshop 2015 – Recordings

‘Hinglish: Social and Cultural Dimensions of Hindi-English Bilingualism in Contemporary India’

Following upon a successful workshop at Sarai-CSDS in August 2014, the Hinglish Workshop 2015 was organised at SOAS, University of London on 27-28 May, 2015. The workshop sought to continue our exploration of the new porousness of Hindi and English in everyday and cultural practices and the relationship between language choice/use and social, cultural and political imaginaries.

Hinglish workshop poster

The workshop programme and abstracts are available at the SOAS website.

Here are the recordings of the presentations from the workshop. All files are hosted at the Internet Archive.

Panel 01: Linguistics & Multilingualism

Devyani SharmaForm and Function in Mixed Codes

Download: MP3

Friederike Lüpke Layers of multilingualism and ideas of language: A view from West Africa

Download: MP3

Panel 02: Films & Serials

Rachel Dwyer & Helen Ashton‘Don’t deboard the Bollytrain’: Trains, Hinglish and Accented English in Bollywood films

Download: MP3

Akshaya KumarCode-mixing in Bhojpuri Media

Download: MP3

Panel 03: Technology & Language Mixing

Shriram VenkataramanTanglish: The language of the Tamil Trolls on Social Media

Download: MP3

Nishant ShahThrice Invisible: Politics of dismissal through vocabulary on the queer Indian web

Download: MP3

Panel 04: Political speech on- and off-stage

Speaker: Francesca Orsini Hindi political rhetoric: any mixing?
Discussant: Anastasia Piliavksy

Download: MP3

Panel 05: Advertisements

Santosh DesaiOne Whisky and One Masala Dosa: The Many Meanings of Hinglish in Advertising

Download: MP3

Vineet KumarHinglish ‘Back to Back’: Without the Ad-break

Download: MP3

Paromita VohraFalling in and out of Love with Hinglish: Advertising and the Domestication of Hinglish

Download: MP3

Final Roundtable Discussion

Download: MP3

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Published on: October 11, 2015

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