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Independent Fellowship Programme

The Independent Research Fellowships Programme at Sarai gave seed grants to researchers working in a diversity of locations and forms.

Each year From 2001-02 to 2006-07, we supported a number of independent and often interdisciplinary projects. This has been key to Sarai’s design of a distributed research network. We see this as a foundation for a network of socially available, publicly accessible knowledge in contemporary cultural, intellectual and technological practice. Broadly, the fellowships supported work on the interface between popular culture, urban space and technological creativity. They engage with the creativity of the Indian street, its visual and sensory dynamism, its spirit of experimentation, improvisation and enterprise.


  • 2001-02 [to be updated]
  • 2002-03 [to be updated]
  • 2003-04 [to be updated]
  • 2004-05
  • 2005-06 [to be updated]
  • 2006-07

Calls for Proposals

  • 2001-02 [to be updated]
  • 2002-03 [to be updated]
  • 2003-04 [to be updated]
  • 2004-05 [to be updated]
  • 2005-06


A set of selected studies by the grantees of the independent fellowship programme were compiled into an edited volume titled Working Questions: Independent Research and Interdisciplinary Practice.

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