The Many Lives of Indian Cinema Conference – Recordings – Day 03

Day 01, January 09, 2014 | Day 02, January 10, 2014 | Day 03, January 11, 2014


Detailing Technology

A Difficult Geography: Bombay Cinema’s Move to Colour
Ranjani Mazumdar, School of Arts and Aesthetics Jawaharlal Nehu University
Recording not available.

“No Blue”: On the Colour of Sensation in Tamil Cinema
Anand Pandian, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore
Download: OGG and MP3.

Whatever Happened to the Lip Sync? New Media Technologies and the Bombay
Shikha Jhingan, Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi
Download: OGG and MP3.


The Intermedia Constellation

Cinema in the Snares of the Snapshot: Print, Photography and the Cinematic Imaginary in Early Twentieth Century India
Sudhir Mahadevan, University of Washington, Seattle
Recording not available.

Visualising Listening: Radio in Hindi Cinema, c.1935-2000
Ravikant, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies
Download: OGG and MP3.
Will be uploaded soon.


Screen Cultures and Information Ecologies I

Space and the Social: A Semeiotic Exploration of Melodrama in Indian Cinema
Rajen Krishnan, Ambedkar University, Delhi
Download: OGG and MP3.

Deleuze, Hindi Film 1, Bollywood 2
Anustup Basu, University of Chicago at Urbana Champaign
Download: OGG and MP3.

Distantly Watched Films: The Big Data of Indian Cinema
Sebastian Lutgert
Download: OGG and MP3.


Screen Cultures and Information Ecologies II

Malegaon Video Cinema and the Antinomies of Participation
Bhaskar Sarkar, University of California, Santa Barbara
Download: OGG and MP3.

Politics after Cinema and Fandom
SV Srinivas, Centre for the Study of Culture and Society, Bangalore
Download: OGG and MP3.


Day 01, January 09, 2014 | Day 02, January 10, 2014 | Day 03, January 11, 2014

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Published on: August 5, 2014

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