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  • Acts Of Media: Law And Media In Contemporary India

    Acts of Media seeks to consolidate a field of multidisciplinary work around media technologies that intersects with legal scholarship. This volume brings together contributions from leading academics, lawyers, researchers and policy experts about contemporary India and Sri Lanka. This volume brings together contributions from leading academics, lawyers, researchers and policy experts about contemporary India and Sri Lanka…

  • Technopharmacology

    Ravi Sundaram’s new book ‘Technopharmacology’ published by Meson Press (co-authors Aleena Chia, Joshua Neves, Susanna Paasonen). Technopharmacology is a modest call to expand media theoretical inquiry by attending to the biological, neurological, and pharmacological dimensions of media and centers on emergent affinities between big data and big pharma. It is available here.

  • Lives of Data: Essays on Computational Cultures from India

    We are excited to announce the publication of “Lives of Data: Essays on Computational Cultures from India” with the Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam. It is available for download in ePub and PDF formats, and for print-on-demand orders: Lives of Data emerged from research projects and workshops at the Sarai programme, Centre for the…

  • Sarai - City as Studio

    City as Studio

    The City as Studio programme emerged in 2010 to intervene in the shaping of a responsive and engaged milieu of contemporary art and media practices through a cluster of dedicated art and media fellowships tied to a structure of studio situations and processes in Delhi. The fellowship brings together artists, media practitioners, intellectuals, writers, activists, and a variety of audiences alongside a series of cultural and artistic practices in the city of Delhi.

  • Sarai - No Apologies for the Interruption - Hindi

    No Apologies for the Interruption

    Power creates rules, makes many implements to reign in possibilities and the impulses to create. But force of life cannot be contained; it bursts through anyway. Energy travels from body to body; each environment germinates countless more. It is of such questions, imaginations and collisions that No Apologies for the Interruption is an expression.

  • Sarai - Trickster City - Cover

    Trickster City

    Trickster City is an extraordinary composite of writings on the city of Delhi. They were written over a period of two years by a group of twenty young people who live in different places in the city of Delhi, and who have, over the last several years, sustained among themselves and with others around them, a relationship of writing and conversing about the city.

  • Working Questions: Independent Research and Interdisciplinary Practice

    For the last almost eight years [2000-08], Sarai, as part of its commitment towards the enrichment of the public life of intellectual activity in India, has consistently supported independent research projects and inter-disciplinary practice initiatives all over the country. These projects, undertaken by a diverse body of researchers and practitioners in English and Hindi, constitute a growing body of work that has emerged under the aegis of the Sarai-CSDS programme of fellowships for independent researchers and practitioners. Till date, this has translated into more than three hundred foundational grants to independent research and practice projects located in more than twenty cities across India. These projects are best seen, not as a set of finished undertakings, but as an array of working questions…

  • Cybermohalla Book Box

    The Cybermohalla Book Box contains a series of reflections by practitioners on their process of joining and being in the Cybermohalla labs, which were shared with over 200 people in a public gathering on the occasion of the launch of the Book Box (Baraat Ghar, Near Kali Building, Dakshinpuri, Delhi, 8th October, 2003).

  • Galiyon Se / By Lanes