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Category: Graphic Novels

  • Sarai - The Water Cookbook - Pump

    The Water Cookbook

    The Water Cookbook presents ideas from the Sarai project on peri-urban sustainability in Ghaziabad, India. It is a short graphic novel combining pictures with brief stories from daily life in the city.

  • Sarai - Tinker.Solder.Tap - Casette


    The protagonists of Tinker.Solder.Tap bring alive the ways in which the relationship between life and the media has been re-scripted in the various neighbourhoods of our cities. The story begins in the mid-80s, when a man returns home with an object called a VCR. The chain of effects that follows transforms irreversibly the social life of the neighbourhood and its reverberations can be felt all over the world…

  • Sarai - Raj Comics for the Hard Headed - Cover

    Raj Comics for the Hard Headed

    After 25 years of producing an entire galaxy of superheroes, Raj Comics is the largest comic book publishing house in India. They have published more than 5000 titles and are home to more than 20 characters. But, what is the world of Raj Comics? Who is the Raj Comics superhero? Where does he operate? What does he protect? And what does he protect it from? What role does the trinity of Law, Justice and Authority have to play in these comics? Surrounded by all these questions, a man rides in the city, certain that something has gone horribly wrong and needs to be saved. Certain that this time it is his turn to be the saviour.

  • sarai - floss is not just good for teeth

    FLOSS is Not Just Good for Teeth

    Are you a non-nerd, a human being who happens to use computers without living inside them? Does that make you curious to find out what the buzz regarding open source and free software is all about? What’s in it for you? Does it work? Is it fun and easy to use? How is it made and who makes it? And how ‘free’ or ‘open’ is it, really? Have you looked long and hard for answers to questions like these in plain English? If that’s the case, ‘FLOSS is not just good for teeth’ could be just what you are looking for.