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BioScope Volume 5 Number 2, July 2014, Special Issue: Pakistani Cinema

The July 2014 issue of BioScope: South Asian Screen Studies is now available both in print and online. The special issue is available for free online. The access will be free for the whole month of April

Guest Editors
Ali Nobil Ahmad and Ali Khan


Introduction to Special Issue

Film and Cinephilia in Pakistan: Beyond Life and Death
Ali Nobil Ahmad


Cross-Wing Filmmaking: East Pakistani Urdu Films and Their Traces in the Bangladeshi Film Archive
Lotte Hoek

Umar Marvi and the Representation of Sindh: Cinema and Modernity in the Margins
Julien Levesque and Camille Bui

“Kharak Kita Oi!”: Masculinity, Caste and Gender in Punjabi Films
Iqbal Sevea

Working Class Zombies and Men in Burqas: Temporality, Trauma, and the Specter of Nostalgia in Zibahkhana
Gwendolyn S.Kirk


Independent Filmmaking in Pakistan: An Interview with Sabiha Sumar
Ali Nobil Ahmad and Sophia Anjum


Pakistani Film
Saadat Hasan Manto transl. by Ali Nobil Ahmad

Color in Film: Why and to What End?
Muhammad Hasan Askari Ali Nobil Ahmad

Building Pakistan and Filmmaking
Muhammad Hasan Askari transl. by Ali Nobil Ahmad

Pakistani Film Poster Art
Ali Khan