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BioScope Volume 6 Number 2, July 2015, Special Issue: Regional Cinemas of India

The July 2015 issue of BioScope: South Asian Screen Studies, a special issue of Regional Cinemas of India is now available both in print and online. This special issue has been guest edited by S.V. Srinivas

Guest Editors
S.V. Srinivas


Introduction to Special Issue
Region in Focus
S.V. Srinivas


Coming Back to Life: Jyotiprasad’s Joymoti and Nationalist Politics in Assam, 1890s–1940s
Gaurav Rajkhowa

Thiruvithamkoor, Malabar, Kerala: Speculations on the Regions in “Regional Cinema”
Ratheesh Radhakrishnan

Constituting a Diffuse Region: Cartographies of Mass-mediated Bhojpuri Belonging
Kathryn C. Hardy

A Tamil-speaking Heroine
Constantine V. Nakassis

Maoism to Mass Culture: Notes on Telangana’s Cultural Turn
S.V. Srinivas