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  • Sarai.txt 3.3: Horizon of Scanning

    Horizon of Scanning juxtaposes found materials, thoughts and reflections on the body, to radio waves, to television screens, the coming of street lighting, to acts of reading – scanning operates as a metaphor for control, diagnosis and a recombinant frame (when you search, you scan, and so open up possibilities of newer interconnections). The word travels between different disciplines and practices (from medicine to literature to surveillance to everyday acts).

  • Cybermohalla Broadsheets

    “Bade-Bade Sheheron mein Kuchh Namm Baatein (Softer Evocations in Large, Loud Cities)”, is a quarterly publication produced by the Cybermohalla broadsheet editorial team (practitioners from the locality labs at LNJP and Dakshinpuri) at the R&D Lab located in the Ankur office. The broadsheet is published in Hindi. There is a readership in the neighbourhood, as…

  • Sarai.txt 1.1: The Object of this Broadsheet

    The first issue of the broadsheet is a series of texts and images on the Delhi cityscape.