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Hinglish Workshop, 18-19 August 2014 – Readings

The Hinglish workshop is being organised by The Sarai Programme, CSDS, and SOAS, University of London. This workshop seeks to explore and understand the new porousness of Hindi and English in everyday and cultural practices and the relationship between language use and social and cultural imaginaries, along lines of inclusion, stratification, and exclusion.

Read the workshop agenda and programme here. Abstracts of the papers presented at the workshop can be found here.

Readings for the Workshop

Chaise LaDousa – Advertising in the periphery: Languages and schools in a North Indian city. Language in Society, 31 (2002).

Chaise LaDousa – In the Mouth but Not on the Map: Visions of Language and Their Enactment in the Hindi Belt. Journal of Pragmatics, 36 (2004).

Chaise LaDousa – Disparate Markets: Language, Nation, and Education in North India. American Ethnologist, 32:3 (2005).

Chaise LaDousa – The Discursive Malleability of an Identity: A Dialogic Approach to Language “Medium” Schooling in North India. Journal of Linguistic Anthropology, 16:1 (2006).

Chaise LaDousa – On Mother and Other Tongues: Sociolinguistics, Schools, and Language Ideology in Northern India. Language Sciences, 32 (2010).

Various – Literature on Code Switching