The Many Lives of Indian Cinema Conference – Recordings – Day 01

Recordings from the first day of The Many Lives of Indian Cinema conference organised by The Sarai Programme in January 2014.

36 hrs, June 06, 2014

36 hrs is a duration-based provocation to artists/non-artists to share a singular physical space. Through this entire duration of 36 hours people are invited to join in, stay, visit and become a part by contributing to or engaging with individual/collaborative acts, conversations, discussions, performances, readings, watching films, take naps, exert, and exhaust etc. The first… Read More

The Many Lives of Indian Cinema: Conference Report

This conference was part of the golden jubilee celebrations of the Center for the Study of Developing Societies and was organized by The Sarai Programme to commemorate 100 years of Indian cinema. The conference sought to draw on the diverse heritage of Indian cinema to highlight the importance of cinema studies in the wider architecture of disciplinary engagements. This was with a view to bringing cinema into the academy as subject matter that required not only specialist analysis, but also as something which offered fresh perspectives, methods and materials to the human sciences.

The Social and Cultural Life of Information Workshop: Discussions

The Social and Cultural Life of Information workshop was held in Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, Delhi, on November 14-16 2013. It brought together a select group of media scholars, historians, anthropologists and geographers for an intensive three days workshop, and aimed at bringing together research on colonial and postcolonial information infrastructures, with a strong South Asian component. Here are the recordings of discussions that followed the presentations…

Lives of Information Workshop – Participants

Amlan Das Gupta is Professor of English in the Department of English, Jadavpur University. His current research interests are classical and renaissance European literature and thought and the history of Christianity. For the last few years he has been working on creating an archive of North Indian classical music at the School of Cultural Texts and Records, Jadavpur University. In 2010 he assumed charge of the School as its Director and is in overall charge of its current programmes. He has also written on digital archiving and the history of North Indian classical music.

Lives of Information Workshop, February 21-22, 2014

The Sarai Programme organised the *Lives of Information* workshop to gather an inter‐disciplinary group of researchers to discuss information practices, cultures, infrastructures, and histories with a specific focus on post-colonial contexts. The workshop examined topics of colonial and post-colonial strategies of archiving identification, storage and informatic governance; bureaucratic cultures and politics of document and media forms; information infrastructures and networked politics; user-created content cultures and anxieties of mediated lives; and more.

The Many Lives of Indian Cinema: 1913-2013 and beyond

This international conference was hosted by the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS) to celebrate and reflect on a century of Indian cinema. The conference was coordinated by the Sarai programme of CSDS and the CSDS/Sarai-supported South Asian screen studies journal, BioScope. It was part of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the Centre… Read More

Thomas Elsaesser – Cinema after Film | Friday, January 10, 7 pm

We invite you to a CSDS Golden Jubilee Lecture on Cinema After Film: On the future of obsolescence of the moving image by Thomas Elsaesser Chaired by Ravi Vasudevan. The lecture concerns itself with the dynamics and consequences of rapid media transfer, especially as they apply to the cinema as cultural memory and artistic practice… Read More

FD Zone Delhi and BioScope Screenings – ‘Pedagogic States’ and ‘The Act of Killing’

Cross-posted from fdzonedelhi.   FD Zone Delhi and BioScope invite you to a screening of documentaries on Tuesday, January 07, 2014, at India Islamic Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi. The programme is presented by FD Zone, Delhi Chapter, The Sarai Programme at CSDS, BioScope, and the Centre for Research in Education, Art and Media (CREAM)… Read More

Call for Abstracts – Lives of Information Workshop

Over the past decade, information culture and technologies of identification have become part of popular discourse, with regimes across the world rolling out large modernisation projects aimed at populations and existing structures of governance. A growing body of scholars have turned their attention to the study of information culture and its history. Information infrastructure offers… Read More