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Galiyon Se / By Lanes

Sarai - Galiyon Se / By Lanes


‘Galiyon Se / By Lanes’ is a culmination of a year-long interaction and conversations between twelve young people from the LNJP Basti, Delhi, this book is to share with others the narrations, reflections, commentaries, wordplay, and observations they have been engaging with. The writings in the book are a glimpse into the personal/public diaries in which they write about everyday living in the city.


Produced and Designed at Sarai Media Lab and Public Interface Zone, Sarai, Delhi

Text, Photographs & Animation at Compughar by Yashoda Singh, Suraj Rai, Shamsher Ali, Shahjehan, Shahana Qureshi, Nilofer, Naseembano, Mehrunnisa, Bobby Khan, Babli Rai, Azra Tabassum, and Ayesha.

Editing and Translations: Shveta Sarda.

Design: Mrityunjoy Chatterjee.

Production Assistance: R.S. Anand and Sohan Pal

Editorial Advisors: Jeebesh Bagchi (Sarai) and Prabhat K. Jha (Ankur).

Published by: The Sarai Programme, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies.